Maggie Q

Margaret Denise Quiley

US Actress

Born in Honolulu (Hawaii - USA) in 1978

Maggie is an US actress and former fashion model. She initially gained fame in Hong kong.



In 1998 she got her first role in a Chinese TV series, and she has been acting ever since. While still relatively unfamiliar to audiences in the USA, she has achieved celebrity status in Hong-Kong and elsewhere in East Asia.



 Her big breakthroughs into the film world came when she bagged the lead roles in the Hong Kong action thrillers "Gen-Y Cops" and "Naked Weapon", in which she played the sexy but vulnerable martial artist assassin Charlene Ching. She has also played in the German-Singapore telemovie collaboration "Das Haus Der Harmonie", opposite leading Singaporean actress Fann Wong.

Recently, she starred in her biggest Hollywood role to date alongside Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible III. Maggie will play a world-class hacker at odds with a villain who tries to terrorize America in Bruce Willis' "Live Free or Die Hard"

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