Kristin Kreuk


Kristin Laura Kreuk

Canadian (mix Chinese) Actress


Born in Vancouver (Canada) in 1982

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian actress.

She is known for her roles on the Canadian television series teen soap Edgemont and on the American television series Smallville in which she stars as Lana Lang.

Kreuk  was born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her father, Peter Kreuk, is of Dutch descent. her mother, Deanna Che, is of Chinese descent, but was born in Indonesia.

She study at Simon Fraser University when a casting director for the CBC TV series Edgemont contacted her secondary school, looking for an exotic-looking girl.


Kreuk's drama teacher convinced Kreuk, who had no previous acting experience other than in musicals at her high school, to audition for the role. To her surprise, she won the part.

In 2002 Kreuk landed the lead role of Snow White in a TV movie titled Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.


After Snow White, Kreuk's agent sent an audition tape to screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who at the time were putting together the cast of a show they had created for the WB Network entitled Smallville. The series (which was slated to be shot in Vancouver) revolves around the life of teenager Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. In 2003, Kreuk wrapped up her role on Edgemont.

In the summer of 2004, Kreuk took the role of Tenar for the Sci Fi Channel two-part miniseries Legend of Earthsea.

In 2003, she made her first feature film, a cameo appearance in the film Eurotrip.

In early 2005, Kreuk signed on to the independent feature film Partition.

In the summer of 2006, a short film called the Dream Princess by comic book writer and artist Kaare Andrews was made, where Kreuk plays The Princess. The film is a modern sci-punk retelling of the tale of Sleeping Beauty, with a twist. It is due to be released in 2007 in Canada.

Kreuk recently signed onto the upcoming film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, in which she will play Chun Li


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