Kiko Wu



US (Chinese) Adult Model


Born in Guangdong (China) in 1976

Kiko Wu is a Chinese American adult model, dancer, and actress.

In June 2001, Wu was involved in a scandal when she had herself filmed naked on a busy public street and in a shopping mall in Taipei, Taiwan.

After this, the councillor of Taipei's foreign affairs police division threatened to expel her from the country.

She was born in Guangdong, China, moved to New York when she was 12, and became involved in the adult industry as a means of financing her college education, initially working as an erotic dancer. 



Besides photo and film collections, her website also contains a bulletin board and a diary, in which she describes her various adventures with carpentry, among other things. The tone of her writing is typically irreverent, a reflection of the attitude that prompted her to streak through a busy Taipei shopping district.

Much of her films feature anal sex and lesbian activity. She has never released any photos or films that co-star a male actor.

Kiko claimed to maintain her website, and to be handy with mechanical skills, allegedly having designed and built herself a set of bondage bars, an adjustable "robo"-bed, and a number of sex machines. She stopped updating her personal website in 2003, although three models (Nikki Park, Vicki Kim, and Julie Baek) from her Chinatown Girls site continued updating their sites using Kiko's studio until September 2004.

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