Keo Pich Pisey



Cambodian Singer & Actress


Born in Phnom Pehn (Cambodia) in 1984

Keo Peach (Pich) Pisey is one of Khmer movie/karaoke stars who began her career in Khmer entertainment and got recognized by her fans from around 2003.

Donít be confused with another Pisey who is also a Khmer female movie and Koaroke star and has the same last name. Keo Peach Piseyís original name was also Keo Pisey, exactly like the other starís name. To differentiate herself from the other star, she had added "Peach" as her middle name. So Keo Peach Pisey and Keo Pisey are two different female Khmer movie and Koaroke stars.




Keo Peach Pisey has acted for many movies, karaoke DVDs and TV commercials since 2003 and she is one of the top famous Cambodian movie stars.

Though Keo Peach Pisey is one of new generation actresses, she is seen humble and reserved to herself enough to represent Khmer girls in general. So far, she is an ideal Khmer girl. Her fashions and styles are reasonable - both new and old generation audience can tolerate and appreciate her presentation. Most people would agree she is beautiful in a calm and thoughtful way. Unlike some movies stars and actresses who get over styled once they become famous, Keo Peach Pisey seems to maintain her well-composed and professional character in any appearance she makes. She has not been seen getting into anything extreme.

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