Matsu Takako


Fujima Takako

Japaneses Singer & Actress

Born in Tokyo (Japan) in 1977

Takako's debut in a theater was when she was sixteen years old, in Ninjo Hanashi Bun Nana Motoyu in 1993

She start her TV dramas and movie debut in 1993 (23 TV dramas and 7 movies)

IN 1997, she made her debut as a songwriter and singer, she do already 20 single and 8 full ablum.

in 2004 Takako was told that she had won the Best Actress of the Year by her manager, she was so happy and said to have remarked "I am fortunate to have been born a Japanese". Her manager later said, "She normally don’t show so much emotions for an award that I was taken aback."

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